Legal notice

This Legal Notice (hereinafter referred to as the "Legal Notice") regulates the use of the services provided at the web portal owned by Balkanica Distral, S.L. having its registered address at Vial La Costera, 4, Polígono Industrial “El Canari” (46690), L'Alcudia de Crespins, Valencia, Spain. Registered at the Trade Register of Valencia File 182, Volume 8625, Section GENERAL, Page V-119916, Entry 1ª.


The relationship between Balkanica Distral and the users of its online services provided in the web is subject to the legislation and jurisdiction of Spain.

Content and use

The user acknowledges and accepts that the access to this website in no way supposes the beginning of a trade relation with the Company.

The owner of this website cannot be identified with the opinions expressed in the website by his associates. The Company reserves the right to make the modifications that it considers appropriate for its website without preliminary notice, including to change, remove, or add the contents and services presented in the website, as well as the form in which they appear or are located on its servers.

Intellectual and industrial property

The intellectual property rights over the content, graphical design, and code of the web pages are property of Balkanica Distral S.L. and their reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, or any other activity that can be performed with the content of the web pages is prohibited, even citing the sources, except with written permission of Balkanica Distral S.L. All trade names, marks, or distinguishing signs of any kind that are contained on the web pages of the Company are property of the owners of the Company and are protected by law.


The presence of hyperlinks on the web pages of Balkanica Distral S.L. is only for information purposes and in no case presumes suggesting, invitation, or recommendation of said hyperlinks.



Balkanica Distral S.L. and its trade mark Balkanica, hereinafter referred to as Balkanica, is aware of the importance of the confidentiality and personal and family privacy of the users of this website, and for this reason has designed the privacy and data security policy that is described below.

Pursuant to Act 15/1999 for Personal Data Protection, the user is informed that the personal data he submits voluntarily to Balkanica when using its web page will be included in the correspondent automatic index of personal data that are responsibility of Balkanica, having its seat at Vial La Costera, 4, Polígono Industrial “El Canari” (46690), L'Alcudia de Crespins, Valencia, Spain. The voluntary or mandatory character of personal data that is being submitted at each moment will be indicated when collecting the data by using visual clues, such as pop-up windows, asterisk signs, or symbols next to the submitted data, or by using other analogous methods. If the requested data is not submitted, the purpose that it was submitted for will not be achieved.

Collecting and processing the data will be used for the purposes of providing requested information or answering a posed question, as well as sending appropriate information to the company. Pursuant to Act 34/2002 for the Information Society and Email, the user accepts and authorizes expressly the use of email or equivalent communication medium as a channel for receiving information for advertising purposes. This authorization and consent can be revoked at any moment by sending a request by mail to Balkanica Distral S.L. Vial La Costera, 4, Polígono Industrial “El Canari” (46690), L'Alcudia de Crespins, Valencia, Spain, or by an email message to our email address:

In the same manner, the user expressly acknowledges that his data can be sent to other companies of the group of Balkanica for the same purposes that have been described above.

Excluding the abovementioned instances, Balkanica will not share the information provided by the users with third persons, except when required by law, and in no case will sell this information.

The users can exercise at any moment their rights of access, correction, and cancellation, by sending a request to Balkanica at the abovementioned address, or by sending an email at the address: When exercising this right by written communication directed to Balkanica, it will be necessary to attach a photocopy of the Document of Identity (DNI) or certify the identity of the user by other method permitted by law.

If the user has any questions related to the fulfillment of this policy, he can ask them at the same address.

In compliance with current regulations, Balkanica has adopted certain measures and techniques that are necessary for maintaining the required level of security with regard to the processed personal data, aiming to avoid at each moment the alteration, loss, meddling, or unauthorized access.